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We start by power edging the grass along the edges then we clean the driveway using a commercial power blower along with a steel broom to insure that the driveway is clean as possible to promote proper adhesion with the sealer. We then pump the sealer from a hose (no sloppy buckets) to cover the driveway with sealer. We use two brushes to go over the area several times making sure the sealer is worked into the pores of the driveway to give it the thickest coat possible. When we are finished we barricade the end with ribbon.


We use hot applied crack filler in all cracks 1/4" in width or larger. Hot applied filler is the most effective way to seal off a crack and make it last throughout the winter months. This same process is done by state and local road crews. It prevents water from penetrating into the crack and causing more damage from freeze and thaw cycles.

We have done our own striping since the day we started. We feel it is important that our customers only have to deal with one contractor to complete the entire job to ensure it is done properly and to ensure their parking lot is back open for business as fast as possible.

Making Repairs to your driveway or parking lot is very important due to the high prices of asphalt these days. We can repair the bad sections and maintain the good sections saving you thousands of dollars by not having to replace the entire area.